About the Estonian Dairy Association

In 1989. 15 dairy companies established the Estonian Dairy Association with the objective of developing and coordinating the dairy business in Estonia and participating in international dairy organizations.

The Estonian Dairy Association supports the development of its members’ production activities, cooperation between milk producers and processors, and the creation of an optimal network of dairy processing units in Estonia.

LehmadThe Association also participates in making dairy policy, collects and analyses dairy information, and organises the collection of information on milk and dairy product marketing. The Association also plans measures for increasing the quality and safety of products, develops scientific work, advisory and training activities, and organises dairy events. The Estonian Dairy Association is a full member of the European Dairy Association (EDA).

The members have a wide variety of product portfolios. Most of the companies oriented toward export are ones producing powders and cheese.

The companies belonging to the Dairy Association produce the major share of most of the product groups except for butter only half of which is produced by these companies.

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Milk is Estonia's white gold. Dairy sector forms a basis of Estonian agriculture, that has a centuries-old tradition.

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