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JogurtYogurt is a milk product with increased dry matter content the fermentation process of which takes place with the help of thermophilic starters.

The fat-free dry matter content of yogurt is increased by 1–3% mainly by adding skimmed milk powder. Yogurt must contain different types of yogurt bacteria in the amount of ≥107 CFU/g.

Post-fermentation heat-treatment may be used to prolong its shelf-life. The yogurts that have been heat-treated after fermentation don’t contain lactic acid bacteria, so they can be kept at room temperature. Their shelf-life can extend to months.

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Natural yogurt (unflavoured)

Natural yogurts have various fat contents and contain no additives nor additional ingredients.


Flavoured yogurt

Flavoured yogurt is a yogurt with various fat contents that contains additional ingredients and/or additives. Additional ingredients can include fruits and berries that are added in the form of a jam before packaging, cereals, nuts, etc. The content of fruit or berry ingredients can be up to 20% in the final product. In some cases, flavouring agents are used as additives.


Drinking yogurt

Drinking yogurt is a yogurt with various fat contents that has typically been homogenised before packaging. Homogenisation makes yogurt less viscous. Various jams are added to drinking yogurts before packaging.


Yogurt drink

Yogurt drink is a yogurt with various fat contents to which different additional ingredients have been added before homogenisation and packaging. The dry matter content of a yogurt drink is typically lower than that of drinking yogurt. The manufacture of yogurt drinks with different juices where the yogurt content may vary is popular.


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Production of Yogurt in Estonia


Watch a video about yogurt production in Estonia. Mare Reiman, Tere AS.

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