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Kohupiim3Curd is a concentrated dairy product that is manufactured by fermenting pasteurized skimmed milk and by processing its curds. A rennet enzyme is used for manufacturing a certain type of curd.

Curd can be manufactured either by using the traditional method or by the separation method where the whey is separated from the curds.

The texture of the traditional curd is grainy; the texture of the curd manufactured by the separation method resembles paste. Natural unflavoured curd has a slightly sour taste.

Fat-free curd and the curd with a 5% fat content are the most common types. Curd desserts or savoury curd products are manufactured from curd by adding various ingredients and cream.

 Watch a video about production of cheese curds in Estonia


Curd Desserts

Curd desserts are curd products with a creamy or paste-like texture. Fresh cream, yogurt, sour cream, different flavours or flavouring agents, sugar, and fruit and berry ingredients are added to curd to give the product its characteristic taste.
Most popular is to add jams to curd. Curd desserts have various fat contents.


Glazed cheese curd

A glazed cheese curd is a glazed curd product. Sugar, butter and other ingredients are first added to curd, then rectangular or cylindrical pieces are shaped from the flavoured curd mixture and covered with various glazes.


Glazed dessert

This is a glazed curd product that contains, besides curd, sugar and other ingredients, vegetable fat as well.


Whey Drinks

Whey drinks with different flavours can be made by adding juice or flavouring agents to whey. The fat content of whey drinks is 0.1%.


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Production of Cheese Curds in Estonia


Watch a video about production of cheese curds.  Viljar Kõks and Ruta Kallaspoolik, Maag Piimatööstus.

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