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Butter is a water-in-fat emulsion with a solid plastic texture. Butter is produced from fresh or sour cream, and the final product is either a fresh cream or a sour cream butter.

Nowadays, in manufacturing sour cream butter, lactic acid bacteria starters are used or lactic acid is added during the churning of cream. Butter contains 80–90% of fat and a maximum 16% of water and other milk components.

It is allowed to add water and salt to butter. A butter spread with 72% of milk fat content is also manufactured in Estonia. It takes around 20 kg of milk to produce 1 kg of butter.


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Production of Butter in Estonia


Watch a video about production of butter in Estonia. Anne Lipp, Saaremaa Piimatööstus.

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Milk is Estonia's white gold. Dairy sector forms a basis of Estonian agriculture, that has a centuries-old tradition.

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